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Premier Modeling Portfolio Services in Kolkata with over 10 years of expertise in the area of portfolio photoshoot for aspiring models and actors. Specializing in amazing portfolio shoots, we are equipped with an efficient team of photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, and in-house post-production teams. We design a need-based customized plan to meet your specific expectations.

The Nazione Studio offers Modeling Portfolio Services in Kolkata and extends a one-on-one work environment to aspiring models and actors on the different aspects of the portfolio shoot like poses, styling, makeup and much more. Stay assured of a relaxed atmosphere on the day of the shoot as we work towards getting the best out of you. Our step by step guidance will rob your inhibitions and nervousness and replace it with poise, confidence and a superstar you.

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    Portfolio Shoot Prices

    Nazione offers portfolio shoot affordable prices in Kolkata




    • Props Available
    • We offer our studio on rent for 8 hours
    • Any cancellations made last minute shall be charged with 50% of booking fee




    • Props Available
    • We offer our studio on rent for 8 hours
    • Any cancellations made last minute shall be charged with 50% of booking fee




    • Props Available
    • Cancellations made shall be charged 50%
    • Cancel or Reschedule appointment to be done 5 hours before.


    We are a Photography company that assists and provides continuous support to aspiring actors and models. We help you establish, identify, and answer all the key questions. So drop in to meet and discuss your fields of interest with The Nazione Studio team and feel free from the queries and apprehensions related to the portfolio shoot. In the likelihood, if you wish to bring along your family, you are most welcome! All the pictures in our Gallery are people who faced the Camera for the First time. We make sure we get the best out of you.

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    Nazione + Photography Studio in Kolkata, Acting & Modeling Institute in Kolkata

    Nazione+ Studio is one of the best & creative photography studio at Newtown, Kolkata. Professional photographers mark their impression through excellent photography skills to produce professional images of Fashion models & Design collections of designers.

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      nazione studio offers model portfolio services in kolkata at affordable prices


      In order to have an extraordinary Modeling Portfolio, there are a few significant aspects that are needed to be kept in mind. Some of the major beneficiary points are mentioned below:

      Get Your Portfolio Pictures Clicked By Experts: To have an excellent photoshoot, the first basic necessity is to get your pictures clicked by experts in the profession who have a deep understanding about photographs.

      Get to know more about portfolio services in Kolkata at Nazione Studio.

      Select Your Best Shots: Along with having a good photoshoot, it is important for a model to know what are their main highlighting features that enhance their personality even more.

      Showcase the variations in your personality: Advancing variations in your personality is described as presenting the various styles of a model through photographic creativity. This focuses on the different artistic styles in order to throw light on the creativity of the person.

      get professional portfolio services in kolkata at nazione studio
      • Commercial Shot: A Commercial Shot of a model includes a vital range of versatility in order to express the various styles of a model. These Commercial shots offer a great chance for a model to showcase in some Commercial Advertisements, which in turn helps him or her to gain limelight and media attention. The Shot constitutes the different styles and expressions that any client would be focused on.
      • Smiling Shot: Smile shot is one of the most attractive shot of your personality that boosts up the chances for getting selected in the glamorous profession

      All the above mentioned shots and aspects are significant for an extraordinary portfolio of young aspiring models.


      Portfolio in terms of Modeling defines the assemblage of photographs of a person in order to showcase their best features infront of camera. It is considered as a resume for young models and aspiring actors who want to enter the glamorous profession of Acting. A Portfolio service helps an aspirant to get chances of work in this sector as it focuses on the best shots giving a brief of a complete personality of an individual to the selectors.

      Portfolio Services in Kolkata are specific groups of people who work as a team in order to click photographs of models in different styles specifically to create a portfolio for them to strive forward in their career.

      Rent nazione studio for portfolio services in kolkata


      There are a few specific shots as required for a Modeling Portfolio that form the basis of it. Modeling Resume or a Portfolio plays a significant role in terms of Modeling. A few of those shots that a model should be aware of before hiring for a portfolio service are described below:

      • Headshot :A headshot is considered as the basic shot in a portfolio. This shot defines the model in the most natural state as possible.This Headshot requires minimal or no make up and jewellery at all.
      • Full Body Shot: Another shot that is included in a portfolio is a full length body shot that covers the full length of a body.
      Nazione studio provides the best portfolio services in kolkata


      To know more on Portfolio Services in Kolkata Call Nazion Studio.


      Frequently Asked Question For Portfolio Shoot

    • Will I receive all the pictures from the portfolio shoot session?
      No. You shall be given only the selected pictures as per your package. Though if you want all the pictures, we can provide you the same in a dvd.
    • How will I receive my portfolio pictures?
      The pictures will be shared by Email and Whatsapp. A google drive link shall be made available for you to download the pictures. You can take a back up of the same on your computer/mobile. The drive link will be available for 30 days only.
    • Do you provide costumes in your portfolio packages?
      Yes! A professional fashion stylist will be hired for your shoot, who will arrange costumes and fix a dress trial meeting before the shoot day.
      All our packages includes costumes and accessories provided by the professional fashion stylist
    • Where is the studio Located?
      Nazione Studio, unit-412, P.S Qube Building, near City Centre 2, Action Area IID, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700157
    • Do you shoot Videos?

      Yes! We have packages which include Introduction Video and Audition Video for Actors, who can send it to casting directors.

    • Are all the pictures retouched ?
      Yes! All the selected pictures are digitally retouched. Though we make sure they are subtle and look natural.
    • Is Professional Makeup and Hair stylist available during the shoot?
      Yes! All the packages include Professional Make up and Hair stylist service.
    • Do you shoot Indoor and Outdoor?
      Yes! we do shoot indoor and outdoor, location close to the studio.
    • How many days in advance do i need to book my shoot?
      It is best to book 10-15 days in advance to plan your complete portfolio shoot. However, slots frequently open up so feel free to send us a range of dates and we can let you know the availability.
    • How do I book my Portfolio Photoshoot?

      You can book your appointment for a Portfolio shoot in kolkata over a call or whatsapp us on 098369 35577 and book an appointment. We suggest you to come for a meeting to understand the portfolio packages in detail and have a look at the studio. Once you are 100% sure, you may book your shoot with us.