Acting Institute in Kolkata

Professional Acting Course in Kolkata

acting and modelling institute in kolkata


Voice Modulation

Facing Camera

Acting Skills

Overall Personality Development

Scene Composition

Interaction and Q&A sessions with popular actors

And Much More

Course Overview

The 6 months professional acting course focuses on overall development of acting skill in an individual with the help of following :

  • Acting Techniques, Creative Body, Movements Yoga
  • Dance, Voice Culture, Diction and Speech
  • Actor and Camera, Film Appreciation, Scene Studies
  • Experts Talk, Final Play Presentation

& A Lot More!


  • NAZIONE best acting institute in Kolkata gives you the opportunity to participate in mega fashion shows held nationally & internationally!
  • NAZIONE  the best acting institute in Kolkata gives you the opportunity to learn from well known celebrities and actors!
  • NAZIONE best acting institute in Kolkata gives you the opportunity to have your free starter portfolio  and complimentary Bollywood Dance class!

Frequently Asked Question For Professional Acting Course

  • Do you teach all ages ?

    Currently, Nazione Studios has adult classes for actors of all skill levels, ages 18 and up.

  • What methods of acting do you teach ?

    Nazione Studio Teach you a “method” that works for you. Nazione studio provides you with an individualized acting program; one that prepares you for a professional acting career. With regard to specific acting techniques, Nazione studio “The Method” as taught by The Actor’s Studio in Kolkata. Nazione studio approach that incorporates the leading innovations of Stanislavski.

  • Is your program a specific length ?

    The overall length of your study is dictated by what skills your performance goals require, and how long you require to learn those skills.

  • Do I need acting/singing experience to enroll ?

    Nazione Studios enrolls beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. We’re here to help you reach your performing goals.

  • What is the school's aim/goal?

    Our is aim is to train the student thoroughly so that he/she can reach their respective performing goals.

  • How many days/hours per week is class ?

    A student’s class time depends on the course of study. A student enrolled in an Atlanta-based acting class at Nazione Studios will attend a 2-hour class 1 day a week. Classes may also involve assignments that students have to complete on their own time, outside of class.

  • Do you for train or stage or film ?

    Nazione Studios trains performing artists for careers in television, film, and stage. Using an individualized approach, the faculty at Nazione Studios will formulate a curriculum that will help you reach your performing goals.

  • Will Nazione Studios help me learn about working as an actor (the business of show business) ?

    Absolutely. A fundamental part of every student’s curriculum is learning the business of show business. For over 25 years, Nazione Studios has been preparing performing artists for professional careers. Our faculty includes Broadway veterans, and individuals who have worked in all aspects of film, television, and stage production. These individuals share their invaluable experience with each student.

  • Do I have to audition to enroll ?

    Yes. An audition/evaluation is required for entrance into Nazone Studios’ programs.

  • Do many of your students go on to be working actors ?

    Students of Nazione Studios have an outstanding record in the successful pursuit of their professional goals. Over 95% of the students who have studied four quarters or more work professionally in theatre, musical theatre, film, radio, and television. Nazione Students continue to appear in Broadway and off-Broadway productions in Kolkata, as well as regional and local productions, and national touring companies. Many students continue to find and maintain their marketability in television commercials (national, regional, and local), and as voice-over talent for both on-camera and radio. See
    The Green Room to learn more about the careers of Nazione students.

  • Does your Studio put on plays, and if so, would I have the opportunity to be in them ?

    Part of our goal to use the theatre to train the performing artist. Actors in Progress is our theatre showcase in which students perform monologues, scenes, and other dramatic material. Nazione Studios presents the showcase 3 times a year, and students who are ready to perform in front of an audience are featured.

  • Do you teach anything else other than acting (directing, producing, writing, etc.) ?

    Nazione Studios teaches acting for stage, film, and theatre, musical theatre, vocal performance, directing for theatre and film, producing for theatre and film, and writing for theatre and film. Contact the studio for additional information about our programs. Also see Professional Classes.